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Don’t wait until hurricane season. Contact us today for a free generator consultation and one year of FREE Mobile Link monitoring .  Mobile Link keeps you connected and updated when your generator does routine exercise, maintenance reminders, and sends alerts if you have any issues.  We are a full service company offering generator installation, permitting, gas installation and maintenance plans. 



    • – How long does it take to install a generator?

    • I wish there was a simple answer to this but there are many factors that impact install times. Typically, most of the lead times are spent preparing, submitting, and waiting for permits to be issued. Some municipalities can complete this process in a little as well two weeks while many take two months. We work closely to follow each application through the process to ensure there are no delays. We also use these processing times to order materials and begin site preparation. Once everything is approved we can commence work which is usually completed in about a week or two.

    • – What size generator do I need to purchase?

    • We have many tools and experience to size a unit for each customers specific needs. During the consultation we will ask questions and also survey your existing electrical service to determine the best option for your home or business.

    • – What if I don’t have gas service?

    • Many customers don’t live in an area with natural gas services but the great news is that part of our package includes installation of propane tanks if needed. These tanks are typically placed underground and can not only provide fuel for your generator but grills, appliances, fire pits, and more. Our team will coordinate the entire process from sizing to final connections with our gas contractors.

    • – What do I need to do when the power goes out and how long does it take for the generator to start running?

    • Automatic generators are always monitoring the utility and will startup about 5 seconds after utility power is lost. The generator will warm up for approximately 20 seconds before automatically switching your house to the generator. The transfer switch continues to monitor the utility and will automatically switch back once power is restored starting a cool down period for the generator. This process means that customers only see less than thirty seconds of power loss before they are on generator power and they don’t need to do anything to initiate the process.

    • – Do generators require regular maintenance and startup?

    • Yes, but your generator has built in schedules allowing it to automatically start and exercise weekly. Just like a vehicle engine, we recommend choosing one of our service plans allowing our trained technicians to perform additional routine maintenance such as changing the oil, cleaning and replacing filters, and making sure your system is performing properly. We also provided remote monitoring allowing both the customer and our team to receive alerts when things may not be functioning as expected.

    • – Can a generator run everything in my house including my air conditioning?

    • Yes. With the proper size, a standby generator can run your entire home including air conditioning, stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, lights and TVs.

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    Complete Integrated Technology has been providing services that specialize in the electrical and technology field for over 20 years. Our team specialists will ensure the highest quality installation and service through the entire process. With thousands of electrical installations over two decades you can be assured we will handle your project in a professional manner.

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