Air Cooled Generator Service Plans

Air Cooled Generator Service Plans

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You made a wise investment in purchasing an automatic generator to protect your home and family when the power goes out. But that investment only pays off if your generator functions properly when the power is lost. Your generator is a machine and (just like a car) requires periodic maintenance to keep its systems operating correctly. That maintenance is best performed by a trained professional who understands the operation of your generator.


• Complete Integrated Technology will maintain a complete service history and service procedure data available at your request. 

• After each inspection, CIT will provide a report detailing the conditions found and advising further service if required. 

• Inspections to be performed during normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

• It is understood that each inspection includes the items shown on the attached Points of Inspection list. It does not include parts, labor for installation, lubricants, fluids, fuels, and environmental disposal fees unless otherwise stated. 

• For additional services provided other than Inspection visits, the following labor rates will apply including travel time: $99.00 / hour; Overtime rate: $148.50 / hour Holidays rate charged at double time: $198 / hour; Where Flat Rate Service Charges apply, $75 will be removed plus the parts discount identified below. Minimum emergency call is $225. 

• CUSTOMER is responsible for monitoring the generator’s exercise cycle time function and shall notify CIT if any changes are made. 








Hurricane Pre-Check – Perform pre-storm system check and tests when a hurricane threat is posted




FULL INSPECTION (Visual, Mechanical & Electrical):

2 x

3 x

4 x

Oil & Oil Filter Replacement:

1 x

1 x


Battery Replacement:




Remote Monitoring:




Fan Belt Replacement (If Applicable):




Coolant Flush (If Applicable):




PARTS & LABOR (Not under warranty):

5% Discount + $75 Off Flat Rate Repairs

10% Discount + $75 Off Flat Rate Repairs

15% Discount + $75 Off Flat Rate Repairs

Generator Test Under Load:

1 x

1 x

4 x

Exterior Wax Service:

2 x

3 x

4 x


Generator Maintenance Cost










 Standard Points of Inspection* 

Pre-Start Generator Checks: 

•Inspect Generator Control Panel 

•Check Run History on Controller 

• Inspect Fuel Lines & Connections 

• Inspect Fuel Level 

• Inspect Oil Level & Condition 

• Inspect of Leaks 

• Inspect Accessory Drive Belts 

• Inspect Hoses & Clamps 

• Inspect Coolant Level & Cap 

• Inspect Air Inlets and Clear Debris 

• Check Wiring for Loose Connections, Corrosion & Damage 

• Clean & Tighten Battery Terminals 

• Check Battery Charge State 

• Clean Exterior & Interior of Generator 

• Apply Exterior Wax 


**Points of inspection may be modified as needed for various system requirements. 

**Tune Up frequency determined by your agreement type. 


Pre-Start Transfer Switch Checks: 

• Inspect Dead front & Cover 

• Remove Dust, Debris & Grease 

• Check Wiring for Loose Connections, Corrosion & Damage 

• Inspect Fuses, Relays, & Breakers 


Tune Up (If Applicable)**: 

• Change Engine Oil With Synthetic 

• Replace Oil Filter 

• Replace Air Filter if Needed

• Replace Spark Plugs 


Generator Operational Checks: 

• Check Battery Cranking Voltage 

• Check Generator Voltage, Frequency and Amperage Output 

• Run 5 Minutes No Load 

• Transfer Power (If ATS Accessible) and Run 10 Minutes Under Load 




Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-Agreement Inspection. Original acceptance of this Agreement is subject to inspection and approval by one of the Complete Integrated Technology’s authorized personnel. 

2. Property Access. The Customer must make his/her property available to COMPLETE AUDIO & ELECTRONICS, INC, DBA COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY for the Full Inspection based upon service plan. 

3. Fee Schedule. The fee schedule for Scheduled Maintenance Agreement is based on the current price structure for services provided and is subject to annual review. 

4. Extension of Term. The term of this Agreement shall be one year and will be automatically extended on a year-to-year basis unless either the Customer or COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY gives written notice of termination to the other party 30 days prior to the expiration date of the term. This Agreement may be subject to modification as to price or other terms and conditions effective on the anniversary date of the Agreement. 

5. Notification of Property Transfer or Sale. The Customer agrees that in the event that the property at which the generator subject to the Scheduled Maintenance Agreement is sold or transferred during the period of this Agreement, he/she will notify COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY and the new owner within 15 days of the sale or transfer. At that time the new owner will be required to execute a new agreement. If no successive Scheduled Maintenance Agreement is executed, this Agreement shall terminate 15 days after the new agreement is offered. This Agreement has no refund value. 

6. Termination. This Agreement auto-renews. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Customer has the right to notify the COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY to discontinue the service and terminate this Agreement. Notification shall be in writing delivered to COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY at the address stated on this Agreement. Refunds will be calculated by deducting the standard rate including trip charges for services rendered plus cancelation charge of $50.00. 

7. Limitations on Liability. The Customer hereby releases the Company, and agrees to hold the Company harmless from all liability for any loss, damage or injury to person or property unless such loss, damage or injury is solely caused by the gross negligence of COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY. Without limitation, the Company shall not be liable for any parts or labor due to abnormal conditions such as, but not limited to, water damage, freezing, floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, fires, wars, any act of God, lack of access to the property, power failures, or any damages incurred by Customer delays or failure to request service that is beyond the Company’s control. COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY will not be held responsible for any system failures due to excessive debris in or around the generator unit: such debris being, but not limited to, sawdust, insulation, rodent or animal infestation, excessive pet hair, vegetation, landscaping, stored materials, any materials that block airflow around the unit, etc. THE CUSTOMER SPECIFICALLY AGREES AND COVENANTS THAT IN NO EVENT SHALL THE LIABILITY OF COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY FOR LOSS, DAMAGE OR INJURY TO PERSON OR PROPERTY EXCEED AN AMOUNT EQUAL TO THE CHARGE TO THE CUSTOMER FOR THE 1 YEAR PERIOD OF SERVICE DURING WHICH SUCH LOSS, DAMAGE OR INJURY OCCURS, AND IN ANY EVENT, THE CUSTOMER AGREES AND COVENANTS THAT SUCH LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY SHALL NEVER EXCEED THE MAXIMUM SUM OF ONE THOUSAND ($1,000) DOLLARS. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COMPANY BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF PROFITS, DOWN TIME, OR ANY DAMAGES OTHER THAN THOSE PROVIDED FOR ABOVE. The Company provides no warranty, express or implied other than that provided by the manufacturer, including any warranty as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Initial Here_________ 

8. Customer Responsibility. Customer acknowledges that this Scheduled Maintenance Agreement does not cover all maintenance or other matter that may be required to be performed on the generator as shown and disclosed in the owner’s manual. This Scheduled Maintenance Agreement only covers those items specifically contained herein. In addition to those matters contained in Section 8 herein, COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY shall not be liable for any system failures, any loss, damage or injury to person or property resulting from Customer’s failure to maintain the generator in accordance with the terms and requirements of the owner’s manual. THE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THEY HAVE READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL, THAT THE CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS THEIR OBLIGATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS THEREUNDER. 

Initial Here_________ 

9. Governing Law. The parties agree that this agreement has been executed and delivered in the State of Florida and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. Venue for any proceedings herein shall be in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

10. Force Majeure. The performance by COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY of its’ obligations under this agreement shall be subject to floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, strikes or other labor disputes, fires, accidents, wars, delays of carriers, restraints of governments or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY. 

11. Modifications/Entire Agreement. This Agreement may not be modified in any respect except by an instrument in writing and duly signed by the parties hereto. The parties agree that this Agreement contains all of the terms and conditions of the understanding between the parties hereto and that there are no oral understandings whatsoever between them. Customer acknowledges that COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY has not authorized any service technician or sales persons to make changes to or additions to or deletions from this Agreement. 

12. Assignment. COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY may assign this Agreement without Customer’s consent. Customer may not assign this Agreement to any other party without the specific written consent of COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY. 

13. Remote Monitoring Terms: COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY shall provide CUSTOMER with notifications via email. CUSTOMER allows COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY to start generator remotely as needed for purposes of testing and diagnosis. CUSTOMER agrees that monitoring equipment belongs to COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY indefinitely. CUSTOMER agrees to allow COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY on property for purposes of servicing monitoring equipment and/or to repossess equipment at the end of the agreement if CUSTOMER defaults or cancels. COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY makes no guarantee as to the uptime and availability of the monitoring system. 

13. Pre-Storm Check: COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY shall provide CUSTOMER with system check remotely or on-site visit and will notify customer via email. CUSTOMER allows COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY to start generator remotely as needed for purposes of testing and diagnosis. This visit may constitute of one of scheduled inspection or service if due at the time.   Due to storms unpredictable nature, COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY make no guarantee that service will be performed when a storm arises and will always attempt best efforts to provide this service.  

CUSTOMER ACCEPTANCE: I hereby authorize COMPLETE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY to charge my credit card each year until written notice of termination per the terms and conditions and perform the work as specified. If you prefer to pay by check, please print and complete this form and mail in with payment. 

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