TBC Corperation – Palm Beach Gardens
Installed over  1,000 Cat6 network cables on 3 Floors of the corporate office.  This was a mix of cubical and permanent office spaces.  Installed 36 intra building multimode fiber optic lines.  Installed 24 single mode fiber optic lines for data center communications. Setup rack systems for building wiring and fiber optics.  Setup  data center ladder racks, networking, UPS systems and electrical requirements.  Installed 10 Cisco Wifi units mounted to ceiling.

TBC Corperation –Memphis Tennesse
Installation of 35 new Cisco indoor and outdoor access points to expand wireless coverage in 1 million square foot warehouse. Our team installed 9 new IDF network cabinets spread out throughout the warehouse.  Each cabinet, had new fiber distribution, wire management, switch installation and battery backups installed.  Upgraded remote offices with new data lines.